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Students Say


What Makes ALBION English Language Training Special?



I would like to take opportunity to share my thoughts about this unrivalled school and the best teacher in the whole world Ė Adam.

ALBION is a great language school in all aspects. Not only does it provide a highly qualified teaching with innovative methods and materials but it also shares all moments of your life. Of course, if you want it to be shared. If you need an advice or just a chat, Adam and Songul are always pleased and willing to help you as well as to listen to you. I must admit that these two people do everything to feel all students welcome and enjoy the course and that is the sense of teaching.

If you happen to consider which English school to choose, my advice is: Donít waste your time Ė just choose ALBION ELT and I can assure you will never regret it.

Sandra from Lithuania 

Cambridge FCE Course 

Hi! Iím Elisa.

My experience at ALBION ELT lasted for 8 months. Iíve been attending Adamís classes with other au pair girls Iíve met in Ipswich and Woodbridge last year. It was absolutely a great time!!! 

Adam is such a great teacher! He is always available to help students dealing with their difficulties in starting studying a new language. He has given to us all the support we needed to be successful. Heís very demanding about homework and class activities: in my opinion, this is what made the difference compared to other classes Iíve been attending in the past during summer schools and that were not as useful as ALBION has been for improving my knowledge of English.

I would strongly recommend ALBION ELT!! Iím glad Iíve been part of your team!

Elisa from Italy

Cambridge FCE Course 

I think it is quite difficult to be a good language teacher because the teacher should combine all the aspects of learning new language like speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary and find a balance between all of those. In my opinion ALBION ELT teacher Adam has done it brilliantly. So in every lesson you can do something that you feel good at as well as improve your weaker skills.

Also an extra advantage besides learning English is, that the classes give you some new knowledge about other countries because usually the students are from different nationalities. For example now I know a lot more about Korea, France, Germany, Holland, Russia, Poland, Spain and also UK because Adam always tells something about the life in UK.

Thank you for the very good quality English lessons and lovely time! Good luck with the new term! All the best!

Kadi from Estonia

Cambridge FCE Course 

"It has been a great experience to get to know so many interesting people from different countries. 

Well-structured lessons and the friendly and supportive atmosphere make it really easy to improve your language.  Small classes of not more than 10 students enable the teacher to help each student quite personally.  For example he offers tutorials after the lessons for interested students to go through the lessons again.  

Adam is really committed to his work and the success of his students, and I really have enjoyed my time there."

 Leonie from Germany

Cambridge FCE Course 

 "I have studied English in several schools and I have never been as comfortable as in Albion. The classes are brilliant but the key is Adam, the most amazing teacher that I've ever had.  He is very friendly and organized and the course is very well structured and so are the extra materials for our learning. 

This is the best English course I have ever had. I spent such good moments in there!

Don't hesitate to go; my English was terrible but now I am able to have a proper conversation. I have tried to do English classes all my life and it's the first time that I feel my English is better and I'm learning a lot."

Miriam from Spain 

Cambridge FCE Course 

"I couldn't find a better English Course than ALBION ELT.  I like Ipswich, my classmates, my teacher and the learning environment.  Adamís teaching methods are excellent. He provides very good materials for lessons and homework at the right level for each student.

I would recommend ALBION ELT to everybody because it's not like a conventional school, as you speak to the owners directly and they make you feel you are important and truly an individual.

Our teacher is well experienced and the quality of teaching is excellent."

Karla  from Venezuela

Cambridge FCE Course 

"I was working as an au pair in Ipswich.  It was a pleasure to come to English classes at ALBION ELT.  

The quality of teaching was great!  We had a very good balance of language skills in every lesson.  We had a bit of each skill every day, so we didnít get bored.  Our course book was good but Adam's own materials were more useful & enjoyable.  We had a great training for the exam and I felt ready when the big day came. 

I have already recommended ALBION ELT to the next au pair.  I improved my English so much coming here.       I got to know lovely people.  It was such a great experience!  I'll miss you all!  Thank you for teaching me!"

Terry from France 

Cambridge FCE Course 

"I'm working as a dental nurse and studying on a Saturday English Course here.  I'm very lucky to find such a good  English language course in Ipswich.  

I like my English course because we have a very good teacher and the quality of teaching is excellent!  I'm learning new grammar and new words every day.  ALBION ELT has a very nice atmosphere -  it's a place where you can meet new young people from different countries and make new friends.

I would recommend ALBION ELT to any of my friends because you can improve your English a lot.  I know my English has improved a lot since I came here and I'm very happy to continue to the next level."

 Simona from Romania

Cambridge KET Course 

"I'm working in Ipswich and studying on a Saturday English Course. 

My ALBION ELT English course is very helpful.  I have learnt such a lot and I can see my own progress very clearly.  I owe my knowledge to my teacher.  I can say that "he was born to be a teacher."  He is a very patient and tolerant person.  The quality of teaching is very high.  It's a very friendly class.  I have met a lot of people from different countries and now they are my friends. 

I really recommend ALBION ELT to everybody because it's very friendly and it is the best English Language School!"

Karolina from Poland

Cambridge PET Course 

"I came to the UK five years ago and enrolled on several English courses over the past three years. I wasn't satisfied with the progress I'd made. 

However, having attended two terms with ALBION ELT, I now feel very different. I have a better understanding of grammar and I know when and how to use it in a more effective way. I feel much more confident to ask when I don't understand and to answer questions in class. 

ALBION ELT English courses really do help you by building the confidence you need to speak fluently. I would love to welcome anyone who would like to join us on our friendly and useful English course."

Angela from Hong Kong  

Cambridge PET Course

"I have been studying English with ALBION ELT for the past six months. 

I want to continue to improve my English  and there are some very good reasons for me to do this with ALBION ELT. Our teacher is an expert;  he is a very friendly person and, most important of all, he is dedicated to his job. He is very good at motivating us in our lessons. He doesn't just teach from course books, he always provides his own materials and teaches us with his excellent techniques. The course is also very reasonably priced. I really want to continue studying English here and I strongly recommend this course to any one who wants to learn the English Language properly.

This is the best English language course in Ipswich, Suffolk."

Bayram from Turkey   

Cambridge PET Course 

"I'm very happy studying English with ALBION ELT. Our teacher is really good and he is so helpful and very patient. There are only a few students in each class - a little group of fewer than ten students who are all learning together. It's very interesting when you have different nationalities because we can meet different cultures. Pastoral care here is excellent; Songul is very nice, she is such a friendly person and I'm very impressed because if you have any problems, you can see her any time you need to. We are also very near to the centre of town, so you can go shopping whenever you like. As an au-pair, I'm only staying in the UK for six months;  if I come back again, I would study English with ALBION ELT without hesitation."

Judette from France  

Cambridge PET Course 

"ALBION ELT warmly welcomes students from all over the world. 

You can study in a very small class. Our teacher, Adam, is really enthusiastic and passionate about teaching language, so you don't have to hesitate when ever you want to ask any questions about even the smallest of things. 

I'm enjoying having not only English lessons but also finding out about other cultures. 

Let's enjoy English together!"

Keiko from Japan  

Cambridge PET Course 

"I have been studying English at ALBION ELT for more than six months. 

I really enjoy studying English there and it is great to meet many friends from other countries. Our teacher Adam is very nice and a very good teacher. He is a professional teacher and has lots of experience teaching English. My English has improved a lot since I started here. 

If you are looking for an English class and want to improve your English, I would recommend you come and join us at ALBION ELT.  It's an excellent place to learn English."

Linly from Thailand  

Cambridge PET Course

"I started my English course here at ALBION in 2006. This is a really good course to help you improve your English to as high a level as you like.  We have a very nice teacher whose name is Adam and he works very hard to teach us well.  Our group is very small and very friendly and we enjoy talking to each other at break times. We do a lot of different things every day, including speaking, listening, reading and writing. The Centre isn't very far from the town centre and that is really good for me.  This course is really helping me to improve my English."

Yana from Russia  

Cambridge PET Course


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